The Way We Work

Here at TYPE, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we know at TYPE that we only get paid once you are satisfied with the service. We at TYPE also know that the next account executive or junior designer could be the next client services director or creative director so confidentiality and discretion are key qualities of all our people.

With over 25 years combined recruitment expertise it is worth having a look to see how we may be able to help you. Most people like what they see and have used us in some fashion to help grow their business, team or enhance their careers. In fact, 80% of our business has been and is based on referrals and networking. A lot of TYPE’s clients have worked with some of the individuals here since the first phone calls back in the day. Whether you are looking for a new role, a new project, a new employee, a complete career change, a friendly chat or just want a nosey into the market, our TYPE doors are always open.

We will aim to match your skills as a creative or account handler, managing director or graduate to the best agency/client side role that the market has to offer. If we don’t have that perfect role we will work tirelessly to get it. Giving up is not an option here at TYPE. We are often praised on finding that “dream” role or helping to create that “unique opportunity” ahead of the competition.

Here at TYPE we pride ourselves on integrity and honesty and won’t tell you what you want to hear – if it’s broke – we will aim to fix it… and FAST.

Meet the Team


Kelly Davison – Owner / Client Services Consultant

Finally set up my own agency, TYPE in 2012 after 8 years at Purple Consultancy, both in Leeds and London. Love the industry, love the people we get to meet and love seeing the TYPE team grow and establish their own relationships in an ever-evolving creative sector. Been in the industry since 2002, so I’m essentially an old hat now!

My second passion is being a mum to two daughters – two under four is a daily challenge. One of labour and love. Constant juggler – that should be my status on Instagram and Twitter. Look forward to the rare night out and any holidays to read a book in peace.


Jamie Talbot – Director

Hi, I’m Jamie, Co-Owner of TYPE. I’m extremely passionate about business, the Marketing & Advertising market and the growth of TYPE. I’m originally from North Yorkshire, moved to Leeds in 1999, fell into recruitment in 2003 and the rest is history…

I love music and festivals (going to Glastonbury for the first time this year). I’ve also developed an obsession with eBay and buying vintage furniture which is cluttered in various friend’s garages!



Tom Litherland – Creative Consultant

Hi, I’m Tom. Originally from the great city of Hull and after three years in Newcastle, followed by four years in London, I have finally returned to the glorious motherland of Yorkshire. Self-admitted geek, I am a Film and TV fanatic, with a love for gaming, and enjoy watching and reading my Anime and Manga as well. I am a massive sports fan (exception of cricket) with Liverpool being my football team of choice. I join TYPE with two years of recruitment experience, finally finding a sector I can truly immerse myself in. I have genuine interest in all things creative and would love to have a chat if you are looking at a change of scenes or looking for a new role.



James Lund – Client Services Resourcer

Hi, I’m James, tallest member of the TYPE family. I started in recruitment after completing my masters degree and have found a brilliant niche in client services. I love working in such an imaginative and creative industry- I’m impressed on a daily basis!

When I’m not resourcing, I spend an inordinate amount of time playing guitar and rummaging around the internet looking for vintage brothers and sisters for my ’72 Gibson ES-325 (my favourite thing in the world).



Lucy Smith – Digital Marketing Coordinator

I’m Lucy, the newest member of the TYPE team. I’m actually a professional photographer by trade, but I’m now completing an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management. I join the world of recruitment with absolutely no prior knowledge to the industry, and I’m learning new things every day. It’s so intense and I’m honestly loving every minute of it.

I’m Leeds born and bred, and a staunch Leeds Rhinos supporter. Now that I’m not doing photography full-time, I’ve been able to recoup my love for it and spend most of my weekends out taking pictures. As well as this, I love guinea pigs, succulents, Doc Martens and (probably most importantly) Instagram.


Hector – Love Machine

Hector is the first and original four legged member of the TYPE team, going back to where it all began in 2012. His main skills are:

  • Door watching
  • Sniffing handbags

He spends most of his days running the show here at TYPE. When he isn’t calling the shots, Hector likes to steal Kelly and Adam’s cheese board (but he’s not interested in the board) without them knowing, resulting in his nickname of Cheese String. He could also give scouse brow a real run for its money.