Week in Review 3


Week 3! That’s nearly a whole month of Social Media-induced madness since I joined team TYPE. This week has consisted of actual madness in Leeds. We’ve had Morrisons hysteria, mammoth meetings, and, oh yes, a bomb scare.

Today (22/9) however, is the first day of Autumn. Arguably, today is very stereotypically Autumn, as the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it is freezing. It’s supposed to get up to 17°c, but I’m not convinced. It’s supposed to rain too, which is hardly surprising, but we’ll take the cold sun as a win for now.


Adobe Spark (5)


Monday started with a meeting at the Water Lane Boat House. I really liked the Boat House, because our meeting took place as it literally opened, so we were the only people there, and the background noise was exactly that: in the background. You could hardly hear it, which meant that we could hear each other.

Monday was off to a good start.


Then, Monday got insanely better. We heard a rumour in the office that Morrisons were giving away free stuff. So we went, en masse, to Merrion Centre Morrisons, to determine the validity of the claim.

It was true. Morrisons had overstocked from preparing for the freshers, and everything was due to go out of date on the 20th. They were literally having to give it away, it was glorious. We took full advantage of their mistake, and emerged with sixteen lemon muffins, sixteen vegetable cup soup sachets, and 1.5kg of spaghetti.




Leeds ground to a standstill on Wednesday lunchtime as it emerged that a suspicious package had been found in Kirkgate Market, leading to a mass evacuation of the markets, Vicar Lane and the surrounding area.

Thankfully, it was said later on Wednesday evening that arrests had been made regarding the contents of the package.


That much happened on Thursday, that I’ve had to separate it into AM and PM just to make sure I include everything.


If you’ve been keeping track of the TYPE Twitter recently, you’ll have seen that I was sent along to the Business & IP Centre Start-Up Day 2017. I went along in the morning to the Google Digital Garage seminar to find out how to develop a new Social Media Strategy.


The seminar itself was very interesting, but very much orientated at new businesses that had products to sell. Obviously, TYPE helps people get jobs, that is our product to sell. I guess the clue was in the title, but Google are really good for helping out with expanding social reach, and I wanted to know how to make TYPE’s online presence even stronger.

Despite the initial shock of a lack of ambiguity , I got a lot of notes and resources, and I’m going to start the new social media strategy next week, so, watch this space for even more social media goodness.


Thursday PM was mammoth (we documented it in its entirety over on the TYPE Instagram, so if you don’t follow it, you definitely should). We went all over West Yorkshire (slight exaggeration) to meetings. Despite this, I can only tell you about one meeting. You’ll just have to take my word for it about the rest of them.


Favourite meeting of the day was at HESSIAN, which is a small, indie cafe on Roundhay Road. It had aloe vera everywhere, it was amazing. HESSIAN also smelt great, the food looked good (although we were only staying for a drink), and everything looked fresh. I love minimalist spaces, so we were immediately on for a winner with this place.

That’s all for now, we’ve got a lot of posts going out over the next few weeks, so until then!

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