Week in Review 1


Today marks the end of my first week at TYPE. Technically, my first week has in fact only been four days long, because I started on Tuesday, and not Monday, but I don’t want to do a weekly roundup on a Monday. 

Today also marks the end of my almost-first week in full time work. As part of the new TYPE diaries, we will be sharing a week in review which might eventually evolve into a month in review, once we start getting up to some really exciting things. 

As it stands, the weekly review will be posted- you guessed it- every week, on a Friday or Monday. It will give you a vital insight into my life as the Social Media manager at TYPE.




Lunch – The Reliance

Tuesday was my first official day at TYPE, and we are lucky enough to have a pub that serves great food at either side of the office. Due to this, Tuesday’s lunch was courtesy of The Reliance, which stands on the right of where we are based. 

As well as this, the atmosphere in The Reliance was really good as well; the background music wasn’t overpowering (if there was any background music at all, I honestly can’t remember). Also, more importantly, the food is so good. I had a luxury fish finger butty, something which I was unaware even existed, but it does, and it’s glorious.



Lunch – Meatliquor

We ventured slightly further afield on Wednesday afternoon to Meatliquor, which is situated in the city centre in Trinity. It’s actually situated in an old gentlemen’s club, which was a fun fact to keep in mind whilst eating food.

Overall though, the food is pretty good at Meatliquor, and I don’t doubt the team will be returning in the future again! My only qualm is that the music was a bit loud, but that might be because I like to be able to hear myself think in restaurants, who knows? 

Wednesday also marked my first day fully in charge of TYPE’s social media! I might have mentioned it once or twice already, but you can of course always keep up to date with TYPE not just on our blog, but on FacebookTwitter and Instagram




Meeting – Starbucks (Albion Street)


Starbucks was the destination of choice for Thursday’s meeting. In fairness, I can never really say no to hot chocolate, so it was all good. 

Once again, I have a small qualm with Starbucks that isn’t too dissimilar to the problem I had with Meatliquor. Why do some establishments insist on having such loud background noise? Maybe we’re not supposed to be social in Starbucks anymore, who knows? 

The rest of the week was spent getting up-to-date with the ins and outs of TYPE’s Social Media, but we have lots of interesting opportunities coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Until next week,



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